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the drivers are swerving the to avoid the bird while it wanders on the road. so far attempts to catch the chicken has not worked out. >> you had a chicken in miami? >> freddie. >> thank you for joining us. bye! >> julie: developing now, new information tonight on government programs that could see huge cuts in the president's proposed spending freeze. late word tonight of a faulty part that has plaguing car maker toyota may finally be fixed, signaling a possible end to the company sales freeze. i'm julie banderas. we're live as fox reports tonight. >> the fate of the so-called 9/11 trials in question. as we learn more tonight about a possible plan to move the case out of new york city. and what the white house is reportedly planning now to ease the burden on potential future host city.
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>> i lived here all my life and never had to come to a shelter before. >> extreme winter storms wreaking havoc in states across the country from massive power outages to heavy snow and flooding danger. >> we had a lot of deep water from where we were and the individual. we needed to get a vessel in the water. >> tonight, the latest on the powerful winter blast. >> plus, preparing for the wounds of the battlefield. >> traumatic brain injury, severe gunshot wound injuries, stab injuries. >> julie: tonight, training the next war zone medics in one of the toughest programs in the nation. >> this is very relevant. we could absolutely see something like this, whether in iraq, afghanistan, wherever we're deployed. >> julie: but first, the obama administration reconsidering the plan to hold the 9/11 trials here in new york city. the white house has faced strong political opposition
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since heinousing it would try self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed and four accomplices steps from the world trade center site. then this week, new york city mayor michael bloomberg who to originally supported the plan asked the president to rethink it, saying the trial would cost the city $200 million a year. meantime, sources tell fox news president obama plans to include funding for the trials in his new budget proposal due out monday. but now it's a question whether the trials will even take place in manhattan after all. and there's already talk of other possible venues, including one town whose mayor wants the trials to bring it publicity. molly henneberg live in washington with the latest. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi, julie. the obama administration tells fox no final decision has been made about where to try khalid sheikh mohammed and four others so new york city is still technically an option, but maybe not for long.
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official with the justice department says, "we're considering our options." new york officials have been urging the white house to change course. >> they had no idea the impact this wouz going to have and no idea of the security implications, yet they made such a momentous decision driven by ideology. now it's blowing up in their faces. >> we are worried about the effect effects of mass law enforcement in lower manhattan, congested traffic, resources that have to be spent by our city government and our state government. >> reporter: republicans say the trial should be held at gitmo or military base away from residential area in the military court system. the aclu said it would be "quite disappoidisappointing" i obama administration gives up on civilian trials for the men. meanwhile, the mayor of newburgh, new york, is lobbying to get the trials moved there. newburgh is 60 miles north of manhattan and the mayor says it doesn't have a dense population that new york city
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has, but does have a state-of-the-art courthouse and the mayor says the terror trials could help the city. >> part of the reason for me stepping up and saying i might be willing to host this particular trial of these gentlemen was that ewith could use funding. something like this from the federal government would be such an influx to the city. along with that, the economic benefit. >> in part he says from the international media that would be covering the trial. julie? >> julie: holsinmolly henneberg washington. thank you. today, republicans criticizing the obama administration handling of suspected terrorists. today's g.o.p. weekly response to the president's message specifically referencing the government inquiry in the so-called underwear bomber. >> less than one hour. in fact, just 50 minutes. that is the amount of time that the f.b.i. spent questioning umar farouk
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abdulmutallab. the foreign terrorists who tried to blow up a plane on christmas day. hence he was given a miranda warning and a lawyer. not surprisingly, he stopped talking. >> julie: the g.o.p. criticism coming in a "associated press" report a week ago. and abdulmutallab went silent as soon as they read him his rights. we are zeroing that report to say that abdulmutallab was treated as common criminal and not as an enemy "combatant." and the main senator claiming that the major scare over the sky over detroit says the administration has a "blind spot" when it comes to fighting terrorism. the white house admitted the lapse in intelligence failed to stop the terrorist step but it's taking steps to close the security gaps. breaking news on the budget tonight.
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the "new york times" reporting that president obama will propose a $3.8 trillion budget fiscal for -- for fiscal 2011 i should say. there is no word from the white house on where discretionary spending cuts will come from. on monday, president obama will present congress with next year's budget. the administration offering more than 100 items from the budget that can be eliminated or changed in the hope of saving $20 billion this year. some of the proposals include consolidating 38 education programs in to 11 new programs. cutting grant programs at the national park service and eliminating the advanced earned income tax credit, which the white house described as, "ineffective." of course this comes on the heels of the non-partisan congressional budget office progressing 2011 budget deficit will be get this, $1.35 trillion. in his weekly address today, president obama saying uncle sam must show the same restraints millions of american families are in the
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recession. >> there are certain core principles the family follow when they sit dune to do their own budget. they accept they can't get everything they want and focus on what they really need. they make tough decisions and sacrifice for their kids. they don't spend what they don't have. and they make due with what they've got. it's time their government did the same. >> julie: caroline shively has more from washington. >> julie, the president's new mantra appears to be jobs, jobs, jobs. but in his weekly address broadcast this morning he said there is something just as important as that: the deficit. >> it is critical that we rein in the budget deficits we've been accumulating for far too long. deficits that won't just burden our children and grandchildren, but could damage our markets, drive up our interest rates and jeopardize our recovery right now. >> he said he has three ways to roll it back. one, pay-go short for pay as you go. for every program there has to be a specific way to pay for it. two, spending freeze on everything but medicare,
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medicaid, social security and national security. three, fiscal commission. though it would likely be a weaker version than what was defeated in the senate. the president mixed it up with republicans over the economy and the deficit at the house retreat yesterday in baltimore. at one point, mr. obama complained a question was an example of how hard is it to have a bipartisan conversation. here is another republican congressman's take on the meeting. >> i looked the president right in the eye and said i haven't been an obstructionist. you haven't been the one that has been following through. but that is the kind of dialogue we need. again, if we can get the house democrats to do the same thing, i think we'd make a lot of progress. >> mr. obama had another meeting with republicans this morning with a smaller crowd. former president george h.w. bush and his son jeb paid a call in the oval office. we're told it was a social call because mr. bush was in town for a meeting. julie? >> julie: caroline shively, thank you. now to haiti, where around a million people remain homeless following this month's massive earthquake. and the number of dead is truly staggering.
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at around 200,000. of those who managed to make it through with life and limb, many still have no food or shelter and no way to make a living. desperate circumstances to say the least. making matters worse, some prison eers who escaped the haiti jails are looting and popping up in port-au-prince, proving a challenge for the haiti depleted police force. rick leventhal is live in port-au-prince with that story. >> authorities say the security situation is not as bad as they thought it might be 18 days after the quake, with so few services and one police officer for every 1,000 people. there are fears that it could quickly spiral out of control. >> looters are being taken to
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the few jails that survived the quake. the haitian police have their hands full. half of the 9,000 officers on the job prequake have come back to work. most lost loved ones and many lost their homes. some haven't been heard from in 1 days. 70 dead. 50 more. [ inaudible ] >> even the director lost his home and office. he works from the desk on the lawn of the headquarters. fox news joined haitian police on a ride-along through the shatters streets. responding to a fire. [ sirens ] and patrolling the tent camps that sprouted in every open space. cops wear bullet proof vests and carry pistols and shotguns showing force to keep peace, often responding
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to calls for people with no address. >> we have to provide security for population. same time, they are living in the streets. >> several thousand prisoners escaped when the jail collapsed. some were captured, some have been killed and some turned themselves in, but most remain on the street tonight. >> thank you very much. live from port-au-prince. >> julie: well, for weeks now the u.s. has been flying severely injured quake victims to the united states for medical care, but now word the military has stopped those airlifts because apparently of an apparent dispute over medical care cost. military spokesman says it appears some states were unwilling to approve transportation and basically the military can't supply patients here if there is no hospital willing to take them in. the airlift were suspended a
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day after florida governor charlie crist asked the federal government to help pay for care, saying the florida hospitals were stretched too thin. florida officials say today they do not know of any hospital in the state refusing patients evacuated from haiti. new word of a big announcement that could come from toyota an a recall that's take an toll on the reputation and affected millions of customers. a new report saying a fix could be in the works. as toyota gets clearance from the u.s. federal regulators to work on the problem. that story coming up. and a teacher gunned down in cold blood but then her alleged murder calling police to report the crime. and this tragedy gets more bizarre. more on the relationship between the victim and the 70-year-old suspect. that's next. ( inspiring music playing ) someday, cars will be engineered using nanotechnology to convert plants into components.
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in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970. exxonmobil is working to improve cars, liners of tires, plastics which are lighter and advanced hydrogen technologies that could increase fuel efficiency by up to 80%. >> mike: a woman facing
7:16 pm
charges of killing a head start teacher in utah. this woman, mary, allegedly fired multiple shots at a 34-year-old teacher as the teacher was driving away from the preschool. police say hanson called 911 reporting the shooting but isn't saying why she allegedly did it. she is the former mother-in-law with the victim and there is apparently an ongoing custody battle involving the victim's two young children. now major recall. "wall street journal" owned by the parent company of fox news reporting that toyota has gotten clearance from the government regulators and the u.s. to repair sticky excel lator pedals. the journal sources saying an announcement about the fix could come any day now. toyota has stellar reputation for quality and high safety standards is taking a beating after millions of the vehicles were recalled over the problem. the company already taking the unprecedented step of halting production and sales in the u.s. of eight of the
7:17 pm
models affected by last week's recall. this is as a recall from another popular japanese car maker. laura ingle is tracking details. >> reporter: legally, toyota does not need approval from the fed for the plan to fix the gas pedal giant but the auto giant felt it was belt to submit the plan to the highway safety measure for good measure which gave the thumbs up the plan. talk of manufacturering the new gas pedal for recalled cars and trucks of toyota and repairing the existing ones. it just talked to a toyota spokesperson who said right now toyota is going down the path to develop both of those options and said they're not ready to talk about details yet and they're currently putting final touch on the fixes. the "wall street journal" reports tonights that toyota will ship repair parts to dealers by february 8 when the company will resume production of eight models affected by the retall.
7:18 pm
year night, the toyota president apologized and said, "people can feel safe driving in the current situation. please trust that we are responding so it will be even safer." meanwhile, honda, dealing with a voluntary worldwide recall of 646,000 compact cars. the 2007, 2008 fit model has a problem and says if too much water hits the door, the panel can catch fire so if you open your door in a downpour or drop a big drink trying to get in your vehicle things could get dicey. there has been two fires in the u.s. and one woman died in a car fire in south africa. honda says it will notify customers by mail with instructions how and when to have the vehicles inspected. toyota is getting ready to run an open letter in major newspapers tomorrow and monday in top markets in the u.s. it's one of the first moves to address the public on the safety problems.
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>> julie: a fox weather alert to tell you about. part of the country in a deep icy freeze, while other areas are seeing snow and incredibly cold temperatures. see for yourself. check it out. parts of oklahoma, almost completely shut down after an ice storm zaps power lines across the statement thousands without electricity, as crews scram
7:23 pm
to believe fix the problem. there is only -- scramble to fix the problem. only so much they can do with the lines frozen. north carolina, white-out in greensboro. roads, cars, everything, covered with snow. several interstates shut down and no thaw in site. we have live team coverage with you with janice dean and marian ma marianne silber. first, let's get to janice dean. >> we start in chattanooga, tennessee, where marianne silber is now. we will look for a winter mix. 30 to right now. with the winds it even feels cooler than that. this is what is left of this storm system. but as the storm moves in the atlantic, we're still dealing with the problems across oklahoma, and arkansas, tennessee, kentucky. and the carolinas. as we are dealing with ice, and problems on the roadways. as well as the power lines. let's take a look at where we are seeing the snow. philadelphia snow.
7:24 pm
we have snow through portion of tennessee. the storm is on the move. look at the legacy. over a foot of snow in dixie. records in north carolina. asheville, daily record snowfall for you. the temperatures are cold. anything melted will freeze on the ground, on the power lines and trees. 20 in chicago. 21 in raleiraleigh. 20 in new york. with the winds, it feels cooler than that. we could be talking about another snowstorm this time next week. it could feel like ground hog day. >> julie: joy. fox team coverage of the weather alert continues now with marianne silber who is
7:25 pm
live in chattanooga, tennessee. the area saw snow earlier but now mostly raining. talk about a mess. the big concern tonight is how is everything icing up. marianne is out there tonight. how is it looking? >> reporter: hi, julie. that rain tapered off earlier and now we're dealing with a bitterly, very cold wind. which is no fun. the storm swept across tennessee yesterday. that was after it hit arkansas and oklahoma, causing the widespread power outages and problems travelling by car or air. in tennessee, governor phil breslin declared state of emergency where the storm was coming in, in like chattanooga and nashville. a lot of people went home early to try to beat the snow and sleet and ice that covered the roadways that we experienced as we were driving in here. the storm continued eastward, carolina and virginia. dumping up to a foot of snow in some areas and that led the north carolina governor, beverly purdue to declare a state of emergency there as
7:26 pm
well to get the emergency personnel ready to assist anyone who may need it. ice accumulation from the storm caused a lot of power outages as we talked about earlier. hundreds of thousands of people without power and the dangerous possibility of branches falling due to the ice accumulation. in chattanooga, they are watching the weather to make sure any icing that to occurs overnight are taken care of. we have seen the trucks treating the road. with the rain, they worry about the icing conditions and anybody out there driving in this. >> julie: oh, boy, not a good sight. marianne silber, thank you very much. to texas now, where mother nature is doing serious damage. this is someone's backyard. following a recent mudslide there after a lot of heavy rain. the erosion has gotten worse. the people living there say they fear their house was going to be next to go. they stopped paying the
7:27 pm
mortgage so they could afford to move in a hotel and neighboring homes are also at risk. residents are hoping the city can help them out. we are told the officials came to check it out and have not been in touch. new tensions between china and the u.s. over a weapons deal that has beijing threatening serious consequences for u.s. we have details ahead. plus, what some women will do for a good deal. and a d designer dress. it's become something of a tradition that never fails to entertain. that's coming up. male announcere had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery, another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike. a heart attack caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix, taken with other heart medicines, goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death
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>> julie: bottom of the hour, time for top of the news. the most sensitive topic and the relationship between two of the most powerful countries taking center stage once again. china suspending military exchanges with the u.s. after washington announced $6.4 billion arm sale to taiwan, which would include such hardware as blackhawk helicopters and high-tech missile systems. china even threatening sanctions against the american companies involved in the deal. u.s. lawmakers have 30 days to comment on the prose posed sales -- proposed sales but without objection it will go through. today, maintaining stability across the taiwan strait.
7:32 pm
china and taiwan have a strained and contentious sometimes relationship. china claiming the territory at its territory and they are also u.s. bigger supplier of weapons, something that has copenial to complicate the cooperation between u.s. and china on a wide range of issues. david piper is covering the development for us from the region and is streaming live from bangkok, thailand, tonight. >> reporter: hi, julie. yes. china is warning of far-ranging consequences from the u.s. if it doesn't stop the massive arms sale to taiwan. china's foreign ministry says it will impose sanctions against the u.s. companies that engage the sales to what it regards as renegade progress. it includes the united technologies, which builds the blackhawk helicopter. and lockheed martmartin.
7:33 pm
it will also affect international and regional issues. it could put in doubt chinese cooperation on iran, weapons proliferation and climate change. china already suspended military exchanges with the u.s. because of the proposed arms sale to taiwan. the exchanges are useful in the past building trust between the militaries. taiwan has bought arms from the u.s. to stop china having a military advantage. they're bound by law to ensure the island can defend itself from any threat to china and congress is likely to support the arms sales. china in the past warned it would envade taiwan if it sought independence. the obama administration has, though, looked at china's policy and it hasn't introduced f-16 planes to taiwan and is not giving designs to diesel submarines. back to you.
7:34 pm
>> julie: david piper, thank you very much. new details out of afghanistan after an afghan interpreter apparently shot and killed two american soldiers. officials say that it appears he was a disgruntled employee, not a militant. we're told other soldiers then opened fire and killed the translator. it happened in the eastern wardock province, the same outpost where four afghan soldiers died in an apparent case of mistaken identity. officials say the nato forces mistook them for the enemy and called in an airstrike. nato says it's investigating the incident. our connor powell has more from kabul. connor? >> julie, the friendly fire incident is being called a misunderstanding. but it's a misunderstanding that led to the deaths of four afghan soldiers and at least seven other afghan soldiers were seriously wounded. according to a nato spokesman, joint afghan and american patrol were out returning from a mission. heading back to their base early this morning. about 3:00 while it was still dark. they were attacked. and began taking heavy fire.
7:35 pm
the joint afghan and american patrol then returned fire and called in nato air support. bombing what they thought was a taliban fighting position and turned out to be an afghan military base. spokesman for the afghan military is blaming the u.s. for calling in the airstrike and demanding that the u.s. troops responsible be severely punished. now general stanley mcchrystal the top american military commander in afghanistan placed a real team analysis, strong emphasis on limiting the afghan death, civilian and military. new statistics show that the civilian deaths caused by nato troops are down. but as afghan security forces assume a larger role in responsibility here in securing afghanistan, this is the type of incident we may see more of, whether it's caused by the fog of war or breakdown of communication is the type of incident that does a lot of damage to coalition, for afghans americans and the international community. >> thank you. >> julie: actor rip torn in hot water tonight. the 78-year-old actor seen
7:36 pm
here on the red carpet is known for his role in "men in black." he allegedly broke in a connecticut bank carrying a loaded revolver, while intoxicated. police say they found him inside the bank. he was arrested and booked on a number of criminal charges and he's scheduled to appear in court on monday. last year torn was given probation for connecticut drunk driving case and he reportedly has two previous drunk driving arrests in new york. dozens of sharks lurking in water off a public beach in florida and mad dash for designer wedding dresses, two stops as we go across america. >> indiana, flames and thick clouds of smoke shooting up in the sky when a cabinet shop catches on fire. emergency crews rush to the scene to south bend but it's too late. the fire was burning too fast and too hot and within an hour, the building collapses.
7:37 pm
no one was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. florida, that's right! all the dark specks you're seeing in the water. they're sharks! hundreds near west palm beach. it's shutting down area beaches. we're talking hammerheads, lemon and bull sharks. what are they all doing here? experts say the sharks move closer to shore during breeding season. fishermen have already caught one almost ten-foot hammerhead. just off the public beach area. wisconsin, despite the cold weather, pizza lovers lining up for a chance to get freebies for a year. a new toppers restaurant in green bay is giving the first 50 customers free slices year-round. and this guy is not messing around. he's in line with his tent. >> i got a heater in the back. i pretty much got all the bedding so i'll pile it up in the tent. my friends are coming. hopefully a combination of
7:38 pm
all of those things we'll stay warm. >> ohio -- [ crescreaming ] talk about your run-away bride. only these ladies are going all out to find their designer dream dresses at huge discounts, in columbus. >> it will be something we'll remember forever. >> it look like this one is going to fall over if she tries to carry anymore or end up buried in dresses like this bride-to-be. >> i could cry. >> don't cry. there are similar bridal bonanza's around the country coming up. that's fox watch around america. update on case of a missing utah mom. the only person of interest in the case, her husband moved out of state but now is back in town. police just served him a new search warrant. we'll have details straight ahead. plus, as much as we know about dinosaurs, there are some things that have remained a mystery. that's until now. we'll tell you about the latest dyno-discovery coming
7:39 pm
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>> julie: new developments in the case of a utah mother who mysteriously vanished nearly two months ago. the husband of susan powell returning to utah after moving out of state to washington with the couple's two young sons. josh paul seen arriving at salt lake city airport yesterday. a friend saying powell is back in town to find tenants to rent the family home in west valley city. the family of susan powell is pressing what they hope to hear from her husband. >> we wish he would be more open and he would talk to press and get his story out there. that if there is something that he needs to say, that it would be said. >> julie: meanwhile, police in west valley city saying that investigators impounded josh powell's minivan on
7:43 pm
thursday after a search warrant. susan powell was last seen at her home in early december. her husband telling police he saw her before taking the couple's young children for a late night camping trip. josh powell has been called a person of interest in the case. he has not been arrested. the gold rush is on again. this time arizona with the price of gold skyrocketing to more than $1,000 an ounce. gold diggers are floeding into one arizona town and hoping to strike it rich. while the california gold rush started in the late 1840s, gold wasn't found in arizona until almost ten years later. now some weekend warrior gold diggers are out there banking on arizona being the place they can get lucky in 2010. fox's casey stegall is live in goldfield, arizona. you feeling lucky out there, casey? >> reporter: i am feeling lucky, julie. back in the day, they came from near and far and the experts tell us that now history is repeating itself once again here out west.
7:44 pm
the late 1870s, the california gold rush of '49 passed and the dreamers gradually started moving east. the sleepy town of goldfield, arizona, became a booming mining spot. >> this was up to 5,000 people living in and around the town of goldfield at the time that were here for one reason: gold. >> reporter: by the 1890s, there were 50 active mines around stude superstition mount. only 15 yield yielded jackpot. now fast forward to 20108 and ads like this and it's in full swing. >> every time the price of gold goes up, economy is going bad and people are looking for gold. >> reporter: talk about bling, in the palm of my hand roughly 16 ounces of gold. that's worth about $17,000. but for amateurs, striking it rich is harder than it looks. the pros use heavy equipment
7:45 pm
to dig down around abandoned mines, searching for gold embedded deep in the rocks and minerminerals. >> then you have to crush it and you have to separate it. and refine it. it's a long hard process. you're not just going to stick your pick in the ground and find a big chunk of gold. >> all right. by the way, it's difficult to pin point how many people are in the hills and mountains around us searching for gold because when they learn of a location, they want to keep it top secret. that way if they do strike it big, they can keep it all to themselves. julie, you know me. i'm a giving personism would share it with you. we're going to go out in the hills and do searching and panning ourselves now. >> julie: if you find any gold, call me on a private line. it won't tell anybody. we'll keep it our secret. >> reporter: top secret. >> julie: casey stegall, thank you very much. a new weapon for military doctors going into war. real-life trauma training. we'll take you inside a hospital e.r. for an exclusive look at doctors in action. it's a story you'll only see right here on fox.
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>> julie: a 4-month-old puppy is fighting for his life after saving his owner from a burning truck. tim harris says he was fast asleep inside his trailer at a maryland rest stop when his chihuahua cocoa woke him up from frantic barking. he immediately realized why. the truck was apparently engulfed in flames and
7:50 pm
filling with smoke. >> he was jumping up and down, crawling up on my chest, takes his wet nose and nudged me, barking at me. many my eyes he's a hero. >> julie: this is what is left of the truck, by the way. my gosh. the driver is recovering from second-degree burns to his arms and face. and says he thinks cocoa saved his life. sadly the tiny puppy is still fighting to survive. his lungs were badly damaged. and he's struggling to breathe. we're told the vet bills could be in the thousands. you can help donate, though, and help this little pup out with his care at the local humane society. go to the internet and go to what a cutie pie! navy doctors are getting real-life trauma training in the u.s. before being sent to the battlefield. it happens at the usc medical center in los angeles where military doctors work on patients with wounds, similar
7:51 pm
to ones they'll find in iraq and afghanistan. navy doctors say the special training is invaluable and helps prepare them for the difficult job ahead. anita vogel has the fox news exclusive. this is the first time, by the way, tv crews have had access to this program. >> reporter >> reporter: every day the streets of los angeles yield injuries similar to those troops face on the battlefield. >> traumatic brain injuries, gunshot wound injuries, stab injuries. >> reporter: that's why the navy trains doctors, nurses and corps men from all over the world at county usc hospital before they ship out to the war zone. >> this is one of the busiest, most intense emergency rooms in the country. right now navy is working side-by-side with docker torse treat a young woman who just came in with a stab wound. >> this is relevant. we could see this in iraq or
7:52 pm
afghanistan or wherever we're deployed. >> reporter: the three-week program includes battlefield simulation, basic autopsies and going on rounds with doctors. because of the nature of combat injuries, burn unit is one of the most important part of training. >> we have had three or four different people e-mail or texting us back from iraq saying they learned stuff here they were able to use to treat people on the front lines. >> reporter: in return for use of the hospital, usc gets extra hands from the navy in the most traumatic of situations. the intensive care unit, they help to save the life of this 11-year-old boy accidentally shot at close range. real-life experience the sailors need to be prepared for war. >> have you ever been on a battlefield? >> i have not been in the combat zone yet. this is the first time i neem a combat zone. >> reporter: this navy doc knows she is headed to afghanistan. her colleagues will get their marching orders in the next 365 days.
7:53 pm
the hope is they head out armed with a new sense of confidence. >> i think i will be much more prepared than i was before this. definitely. >> reporter: in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. >> julie: he's a massachusetts republican who just got elected u.s. senator delivering a major blow to the democratic party's supermajority. but now we're learning that senator-elect scott brown and president obama are apparently related. researchers at the new england historic genealogical society say the two men are actually tenth cousins. through relatives on their mother's side. the same group also found president obama also has ties to actor brad pitt and seven former presidents, including george w. bush. hmm. well, some politicians are just larger than life. other one, they're just on the larger side. but a new study finding that that may just actually be the ticket in the rough and tumble world of politics and maybe the reason president william taft made it all the way to the white house.
7:54 pm
we'll explain. and they might not look or have looked like barney the purple dinosaur, but there is no evidence the extinct creatures really may have been -- new evidence that the extinct creatures may have been more colorful. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the l-new lexus gx. ♪ it has the agility to avoid the unexpected... ♪ ...the power to take on a mission, and the space to accommodate precious cargo, because every great action hero needs a vehicle. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> julie: that is not "i'm bad." that's the "i'm fat" version. voters consider overweight candidates more honest than the thinner counterparts according to a study in the journal "obesity." take chrischristie for example, who accused his opponent of highlighting his girth in the campaign attack ads, but in the end the more portly of the two candidates
7:58 pm
got the win. we had few obese presidents. william taft weighed in an it more than 300 pounds and earned the nickname "tubby." according to the study the same 'ive pr positive impressio didn't hold true for female politicians. figures. don't one of you think of calling me "tubby." and did you ever leave the dinosaur bones wondering what color they were? study of chinese and british scientists may help provide clues behind and beyond arti artists' imagination. the researchers saying they found the first clear evidence of the dinosaur colors. they found early flying dinosaurs likely had colorful feathers like today's birds. the ones that were grounded may have had black and orange feathers. the study in nature finding the evidence to refute theories feathers were just part of their hides.
7:59 pm
on this day in 1948, gandhi is assassinated. he was just 24 when we took what was supposed to be a one-year job in south africa but he decided to stay and kicked off that would become a mass i have campaign to fight discrimination and racism. that fight soon took him back to india where he was a figurehead in tind pen dense movement. earlier today, his great granddaughter spread his ashes in the water of durbin harbor of south africa, following an overnight vigil in his honor. life dedicating to righting wrongs cut short 62 years ago today. now you know the news as fox reports this saturday, january 30, 2010. i'm julie banderas. thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow night. same time, same place, shall we? okay, great. in the meantime, stay tuned for "huckabee" straight for "huckabee" straight ahead. captioned by closed captioning services, inc
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